Center for community social pediatrics "Main dans la Main" Official opening

It is with great pleasure that you are invited to a unique event taking place in the parking lot of the beautiful Nesbitt House, an architectual treasure of the city of Cowansville.

Inspired by Dr. Gilles Julien's approach, the center has been created to take on the colors of our community. As part of Dr Julien's movement for Community social pediatrics we are mobilizing in a common goal which is to offer support and assistance to vulnerable children and their families by providing direct support with respect to their individual rights and interests.

The official opening will take on the theme of the Lemonade Stand: raising funds to complete and improve the Center's services through the sale of cupcakes and lemonade. 

Dr Julien will be present for this important ceremony and will be addressing the crowd around 4hpm along with dignitaries and members of the Center for community social pediatrics Main dans Main (meaning, Hand in Hand.)

We hope you accept our invitation.


Me Marie-Claude Landry 
Ad. E

Dre Anne Rouleau
Clinic Director

Me Ysabelle Proulx
General director
Director alliance droit santé

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